Li Song Mechlab

A lean, mean, green, 'mech loadout creation machine.

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Thanks to (in no particular order): Urbeker, Sean Lang (NGNG), Marek Tesla, MavRCK


Li Song Mechlab (LSML) is an EFT-inspired, open source (GPL v3) tool for creating and analyzing loadouts for PGI's MechWarrior Online.

The target audience for LSML is intermediate to advanced pilots who already have a rudimentary understanding of the game mechanics.

In Li Song Mechlab you can configure and share your 'mechs, try different loadouts, see how many tons of ammo you can fit and see how many seconds of continuous fire that will give you, balance your weapons for most efficient heat management with damage graphs and much more.

The main design goals for LSML are:

Download & Install

Please use the download link called Release to the left (or above if you're on a mobile device). You should download the 64 bit MSI installer unless you are on a 32bit OS such as Windows XP 32bit or Windows Vista 32bit.


Support, Features, Bugs, Ideas

If you have any issues with the software, first please see if The Fine Manual (TFM) or the The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can help you.

If you believe your issue to be a bug, please look here: Reporting Issues.

If you would like to request a feature, please open a new issue on the issue tracker where you detail what the feature does, how it would be used and explain why it is awesome.

If you find either the manual or FAQ lacking, please open a new issue on the issue tracker detailing what part of the manual is missing, out of date, or just generally bad.


Here is a video made by Sean Lang from NGNG showing off LSML.

Here are a few screenshots of the UI to give you an idea:

UI screenshot UI screenshot Damage graph screenshot

Legal stuff

LSML is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. However I do require that all contributions to the source code be copyrighted to me.

The terms "Mechwarrior" "Battle Mech" and "Mechwarrior Online" are trademark of their respective owners.

LSML utilizes these third-party libraries (in no particular order):